Will strengthen Education with Rs 17000 cr: Jagadish

Will strengthen Education with Rs 17000 cr: Jagadish

Will strengthen Education with Rs 17000 cr

Minister G Jagadish Reddy informed the house that the government will spend about Rs 17000 cr to strengthen education sector in five years. He said that steps being taken to provide facilities and infrastructure in the schools by 2022. During a debate on education, he said that 500 Gurukul schools and colleges were launched.  He said that they provided facilities and improving standards in the schools and achieved goals adding that social welfare hostel students like Purna and Anand set a record by scaling Mount Everest.

Criticising the congress for allegations he said that KG to PG scheme will provide quality education, gurukul schools will be set up for fifth standard and launched 30 gurukul colleges for girls. The minister claimed that the students of these institutions have got seats in noted and prestigious institutions including 60 in IIT, 87 in MMBS, 174 NIT, 4 IIIT.  Reddy said that KCR discussed about Telangana future in 2012 and now keeping all the promises for education and others.  Stating that 53 degree residential colleges were set up by the government he said that as many as 3.32 lakh students are studying in 801 gurukul colleges in the state and 90 per cent of students achieving better results. The minister said that the government will not take any decision on teachers strike issue which is in court.

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