When Pawan’s Speech Gone Wrong?

Pawan Kalyan hasn’t only been focussing on local issues but also wooing the masses with his aggression while targeting the TDP Government during the Porata Yatra. The game plan did work in the favour of Jana Sena so far but that doesn’t mean there is nothing to point fingers.

In the ongoing tour, Jana Sena Supremo alleged CM Chandrababu Naidu refused to offer a piece of land to an individual from Srikakulam but sanctioned prime land to a person named Franklin Templeton for a nominal price of Rs 30 lakh per acre. He accused that beneficiary has been selling that land for a price of Rs 15 crore per acre.

In reality, Franklin Templeton isn’t human but it’s one of the Fortune 500 Companies. How did PK miss that?

Jana Sena Supporters say, Pawan Kalyan who is an avid book reader might have certainly known about Franklin Templeton and it could just be a slip of the tongue moment. Whatever the actual fact might be, Better if Pawan avoid such mistakes in his speeches.

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