Viral pig-human news is hoax, pranksters copy Italian artist’s sculpture

Watched in amazement the WhatsApp-forwarded message of human-like-creature born to a pig? Hold on. Don’t believe it. The news which has been doing rounds on the internet is said to be a hoax.

The news reads out that a mother pig somewhere in Muranga, Kenya gave birth to a baby which apparently has human features. Several reports from fringe media claimed that the baby soon died after the delivery.It is however learnt that pranksters who had circulated the fake news, had morphed the silicon sculpture of the hybrid pig which was actually created by Italian artist Maganuco Laira.

The news says,”Residents of Muranga are shocked after a pig delivered a creature that resembles a human being. Yesterday morning, Kamau heard commotion in the pig’s house and when he went to check what was going on, he found out the pig was delivering. He helped it deliver successfully but was shocked the young one resembled a baby boy.”

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