The Reason Why Narendra Modi Will Win 2019 Lok Sabha Election Is Rahul Gandhi

The Reason Why Narendra Modi Will Win 2019 Lok Sabha Election Is Rahul Gandhi: Probably there is another year before the Lok Sabha elections next year. But as of now, barring Narendra Modi, no other person seems to be interested in coming up as Prime Ministerial candidate.

Although there are regional leaders like Mamata Banerjee, Mulayam Singh Yadav and others who have keen wish to push themselves, they haven’t got collective support as of now.

This has resulted in some sort of political vacuum in opposition leadership. And then there is Pappu aka Rahul Gandhi, who seems to lack motivation to take the fight long and close to the heels of the saffron outfit.

The mentality of the Indian opposition right now is quite disappointing. Although all terms such as Federal Front are going rounds for the last few months, still there has been no agenda as of now.

There have been countless protests by farmers across the country but the opposition parties look unmindful in mobilizing those against the government.

In reality, the protests by the farmers have got all components of becoming far more impactful than Lokpal movement. Rahul Gandhi’s attitude in the whole saga has been most disappointing.

He prefers a vacation in Europe rather than sitting on a hunger strike for the farmers at Delhi. In other words, the Opposition leaders are making things much easier for BJP and its allies.

The same thing can be said about Karnataka government where the Congress leaders are giving minimum significance. There are ample chances that the Congress – JD(U) makeshift coalition government can face doldrums in near future due to lack of internal cohesion.

From black money, Ganga cleaning to bullet train – the Modi government has failed to keep its promises. Not only that, the Indian economy hasn’t fared well in face of premature experiments like demonetization.

The Banks are facing a tumultuous phase and yet the opposition leaders are too busy in photo ops. Thus it won’t be a misnomer to say that Narendra Modi definitely has a huge sigh of relief looking at the regional opposition leaders and one and only Rahul Gandhi.

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