The crisis in the Gulf Saudi Arabia, Kuwait

Saudi Arabia Under these circumstances, Saudi, Kuwait

The crisis in the Gulf  Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain who made an emergency announcement to their citizens
The Saudi Arabian government made an emergency announcement on behalf of its citizens. The people of Saudi Arabia who went to the country for employment and employment were immediately coming to their native place. In Lebanon, the situation has become worse and it is not safe to live in the present situation. Furthermore, those who want to go to the country have also suggested that the idea be withdrawn.

In Saudi Arabia, Kuwait also issued emergency orders to its citizens. Immediately leaving Lebanon and suggesting that no one should go to that country. On the other hand, Bahrain has asked its citizens to come soon from Lebanon. Recently Sudan Prime Minister Saad Al-Harari revealed that the regime in Lebanon was under the control of Iran. In addition, he announced his resignation in Saudi Arabia Under these circumstances, Saudi, Kuwait and Bahrain came to the latest conclusion.

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