Sisters Fight It Out Against Robbers, Video Goes Viral

Bengaluru: A robbery attempt in a jewellery shop in the city created a hubbub in an incident that happened two weeks ago, came into limelight through a viral video lately. According the the city police, a jewellery shop in South Bengaluru was attacked by a group of six robbers, who wore helmets to maintain anonymity, on the night of May 21.

The incident happened in Jaya Nagar’s Ashok Pillar in the city, where Raghu (62) runs a jewellery shop. At around 8 pm, a person wearing helmet entered the shop and asked for a necklace. No sooner than the shopkeeper took out a necklace, the robber threatened him with a knife and demanded to give away all the jewellery to him.

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The five robbers, who were outside, immediately entered the shop and demanded the jewellery. However, Raghu pushed away all the robbers out of the shop with the help of his two daughters.

The group of robbers ran away in fear, since it was a busy locality. The police have registered a case and have begun the search for the group based on the CCTV footage. “Since the accused had worn the helmets, there is a chance of delay in the investigation,” the police said.

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