Rs 5 Crore Penalty For Writing Fake News

With the Internet boom and rapid penetration into smaller cities and towns, hundreds and thousands of websites are mushrooming every day in the name of web journalism or new media.

Many nations are facing a serious issue of fake news popping up within 24 hours on any new update. All such fake websites will attract a huge fine of Rs 5 Crores, if they deviate from the Journalistic guidelines set by the country, warns the Russian government.

As Russia is no exception to the above issue of fake news, It has brought a strict rule saying if any website carrying fake news doesn’t stop and remove their misleading articles within 24 hours, they will have to face a huge fine of Rs 5 Crore.

The bill is brought to the Russian parliament by the ruling party of Russia. If the bill gets passed all the websites in Russia with more than 1 lakh daily visitors has to take down their fake and misleading postings that are targeted at getting clicks and views.

If they are not taken down, the recent developments in Russian community guidelines will attract a fine up to Rs 5 crores.

This should be an eyeopener to Indian media as well. The people in India too are looking for a similar law that can save the common man’s time and increase their awareness of the true happenings and other updates of India.

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