Producer Counter on Nandi Award 2017

Producer Counter on Nandi Award

 Producer Counter on Nandi Award Need to learn mega heroes?

The Nandhi Awards affidavit announced by the Andhra Pradesh government for actresses has now become a hot topic in Telugu states. There are some criticisms that Nandi gifts are political. But recently, Bunny Vasu made the hottest comments on the Nandi Awards. The Bunny Vasu commented on social media has become a debate in the next minute. Bunny Vasu Allu Arjun Friend is a close friend of mega family.

However, commenting on his government was viral. Mega heroes learned from acting skills from the TDP government and made a comment on social media to get the AP Awards. However, it is not yet known whether this comment really made Bunny or someone with the Fake Account. This news is now a hot topic in social media.

Producer Counter on Nandi Award

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