Priority to rural economy: Talasani Srinivas Yadav

Priority to rural economy: Talasani Srinivas Yadav

With the second leg of sheep distribution programme all set to be launched in Rajanna-Sircilla district on Monday, Animal Husbandry Minister Talasani Srinivas Yadav speaks to Telangana Today on its success story, defends his joining TRS and his efforts in strengthening the party in GHMC. In an exclusive interview, the Minister vows to take complete responsibility for the party’s fate in the next elections and dares the Opposition parties to retain their existing seats.

Here are some excerpts:

Q: Second phase of sheep distribution is going to be launched on Monday. But the government is yet to complete distribution of sheep under first phase, why the delay? What was the impact of the programme?

Telangana government had set new standards in reviving rural economy through distribution of about 60 lakh sheep to around 2.85 lakh beneficiaries at an expenditure of Rs 3,565 crore within one year. As a result, about 25 lakh lambs are estimated to have born creating a wealth of around Rs 1,200 crore for shepherds.

In the second spell, we will distribute sheep to the remaining 1.15 lakh beneficiaries. We have achieved 100 per cent targets of first list in some districts where sheep will be distributed to beneficiaries identified under second list commencing from Monday.

Q. Opposition parties are alleging that backward classes are being ignored. As a Minister hailing from backward classes, how do you react?

The State government is working with the motive of strengthening the backward classes both politically and economically. We are making efforts for revival of rural economy through distribution of sheep, cattle and fishlings besides improving educational institutions.
Opposition leaders who are criticising the government should introspect how BCs were treated during their tenures.

Unlike others, our Chief Minister believes in strengthening traditional occupations along with providing quality education for empowerment of BCs. He recently cleared the proposal for distribution of milch animals to 2.13 lakh dairy farmers and sanctioned Rs 800 crore for the purpose.

Even in the case of political empowerment, TRS has two BC leaders heading the Assembly and the Council. Two BC leaders were nominated to the Rajya Sabha, while several BC Ministers are in the State Cabinet. We have become role model for the country by strengthening agriculture and allied sectors.

Q. What will be your election strategy? Are you ready for early polls?

We are absolutely ready for elections. Good governance, development and KCR’s performance will be our poll plank. In Hyderabad alone, I dare the Opposition parties to retain their seats. We are confident to win more seats in next elections in GHMC area and I take complete responsibility for the same.

Previously, TRS party had no major representation in GHMC, but people gave mandate in its favour during GHMC elections purely based on the party’s performance. We could build confidence among people and win 99 seats in GHMC elections. In the last four years, we succeeded in improving infrastructure in a phased manner that was ignored by the previous governments for decades.

Q. Opposition parties are alleging that TRS is poaching leaders from other parties as it has weakened since GHMC elections. What prompted TRS to accept senior Congress leader Danam Nagender into its fold?

Opposition parties are known to talk rubbish. If TRS has weakened, let them show what they gained. In last four years, they failed to play a constructive role in the Assembly or on the streets.

We don’t have enough vacancy to accommodate all of those who want to join us. TRS enjoys lot of popularity among people as both a political party and State government. Leaders like Nagender who have good following among people but are unable to adjust in their respective parties, came forward to join TRS voluntarily. The party leadership will decide on who will join us depending on whether they will be an asset or a burden.

They should bind by the party’s promises to people and strive to fullfil them.

Q. There are rumours that your son Sai Kiran Yadav will be contesting from Hyderabad in the next elections. Is it true?

I have been in politics for over 25 years. Unlike other political families where each family member represents a different political party, my entire family including my son is with me in TRS. I will definitely try to promote the next generation to join me in politics. But there has to be appropriate time and place.

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