PM Narendra Modi Spent Rs 355 Crore In 41 Trips To 52 Countries In 4 Years

In his 4 years in office, Prime Minister Narendra Modi Spent Rs 355 Crore In 41 Trips To 52 Countries In 4 Years. Yes, the title itself looks like lost in the magnitude of figures but it is indeed the reality.

How much have trips have helped India in the international front is a different question altogether but the Prime Minister has always been in photo ops and the highest amount was spent on his tri-nation visit to France, Germany and Canada whereas the least expensive trip was in Bhutan.

All such details including more information have been unearthed as RTI Activist Bhimappa Gadad submitted queries to the Prime Minister’s office.

Interestingly, PM Narendra Modi has virtually travelled the world in taxpayers’ money in just 165 days. Let’s not forget that the data explored by RTI query doesn’t include the expenses of the five trips offered by Indian Air Force flights.

Anyhow, the PMO didn’t categorically provide details of domestic visits and security expenses. Bhimappa Gadad in his own words said,”A few years ago, I had applied for details of foreign visits by the chief minister of Karnataka.

They haven’t furnished details of domestic visits and expenses for security provided during the visits. I did not ask for details of security measures. I just asked for the expenses, but they refused, saying the SPG security organisation, which takes care of PM’s security, is excepted from the purview of RTI.”

Coming into the Lok Sabha Elections scheduled next year, all these issues are definitely going to get viral. PM Narendra Modi’s expenditure on foreign tours is all about taxpayers’ money and this is not going to benefit BJP in near future.

It is high time that BJP ends up all the circuses, making a clear-cut appeal to the government. Otherwise, corruption will keep on going and PM Modi will be surely pivotal to all discussions with such huge expenditure on foreign tours.

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