Naidu lost control over TDP, says ysrcp party spokesperson Ambati Rambabu

YSR Congress said Chandrababu Naidu lost control over his party and leaders in the name of deekshas have mortgaged the self respect of Telugu people in Delhi while his party has been making a mockery of protests by resorting to theatrics. Speaking to reporters here on Friday, party spokesperson Ambati Rambabu said, ‘The TDP MPs sitting in Andhra Bhavan have passed comments which did the rounds in social media before entering the mainline channels and huge efforts were put in to stall the telecast.”

“The MPs have been taking turns for the deeksha and making fun of it while Murali Mohan, Avanthi Srinivas and JC Diwakar Reddy have been talking in different voices and Chandrababu Naidu is in no position to take action against any of them as he is scared of the leaders which shows that he lost control over the party.”

“CM Ramesh, who has been on deeksha demanding steel plant at Kadapa has been miraculously going ahead defying all medical sciences by being healthy with every passing day and waiting for the Chief Minister to come to Kadapa and make a big show of the deeksha. This is how TDP has been making a mockery of deekshas,” he said.

The deeksha, be it at Kadapa, Kakinada or at any other place, is only a drama and to gain political mileage and there is no sincerity in the protest. Five MPs had resigned for the cause of Special Category Status (SCS) and they have the right to sit on deeksha but not TDP MPs who did not resign but sailed with the ruling coalition at the Centre for better part of the five-year term and now started making noise only to put up a show, he said.

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