Modi Government Tries To Control The Damage

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP, made many promises to come to power in 2014. Their major promise is that they will bring down the petrol and diesel prices from Rs. 70 to under Rs. 50 all over the country.

But the prices have gone up like never before to a record high rather than reducing to all-time low, as they promised.

To make things even worse, recently, Modi Government decresed the rates by one paisa and that angered people even more.

From that day on, for 12 days they have been decreasing the price everyday and now, they have decreased it by 24 paise.

With this, according to Delhi prices, Petrol and Diesel costs have come down by Rs. 1.50 and the trend suggests that the Government will try to reduce it further to cool the people.

In any case, thanks to social media, people now know that International crude oil prices do not determine the prices but taxes by State and Central Government, along with dealers and suppliers, decide.

So, how much damage can Modi Government control in the next one year, as by March India will be ready to vote again, we have wait and see.

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