Madras High Court Upholds Death Sentence To Daswant For Molesting And Murdering A Seven-Year-Old

The Madras High Court upheld the death sentence awarded to 23- year old Daswant for s3xually assaulting and murdering a minor girl at an apartment in Mugalivakkam, a Chennai suburb on February 5, 2007

The sensational s3xual assault and murder case on a seven year old minor shook the psyche of the nation when it came to light. Daswant, the youth who had lured the child had assaulted and murdered before disposing of the body by burning it in a remote area was diabolical in executing his plan.

The all-women division bench which dismissed the appeal on the grounds it is rarest of rare cases also observed that courts were duty bound to listen to the silent cries of victims of child s3xual abuse victims and their families.

“The brutality and the beastly act of the convict cannot be described in words. If at all a case warrants a death sentence, it is the present case” the judges said.

The Mahila court in Chengalpet where the trail was held awarded Daswant, the capital punishment on February 19, which the High court has confirmed now.

“We live in a society where safety and security of children remain an unfulfilled promise” Vimala one of the judges observed.

The convict had lured the child which was playing in the ground floor and molested her before killing her.

“The diabolical ingenuity with which the body has been disposed of by the accused to ward off any suspicion has led to the budding flower being reduced to ashes before blossoming. The sick mindset of the accused to commit such a heinous act is crueler than the act itself” the judges observed.

In the meanwhile Daswant, would be tried for killing his mother and fleeing the city at the Mahila court in Chengalpet.

On December 3, while out on bail in the child molestation and murder case the psychopath had attacked his mother with an iron hammer on the head and fled to Mumbai from where he was arrested by police.

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