Ivanka to land Begumpet Airport

ivanka to land begumpet airport

Ivanka to land begumpet airport

to address Global Entrepreneurship Summit

Even as Hyderabad is getting spruced up for “Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2017 at HICC beginning on Nov 28, Ivanka Trump, US Government Advisor and daughter of President Donald Trump is likely to land at Begumpet Airport. Ivanka who is scheduled to address the summit and have dinner at Golconda Citadel, is to land at Begumpet instead of Shamshabad International Airport, it is said. Since Shamshabad international airport has one runway, it is said that Ivanka Trump is expected to land at Begumpet to avoid inconvenience to regular air traffic at Shamshabad Airport.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi who is to launch Hyderabad Metro Rail is also expected to land at the Begumpet Airport according to information. US security officials are on the job of security cover for Ivanka on the occasion. In the wake of Modi’s arrival, advanced security liaison team, SPG, Airport Director and other officials reviewed the security at the airport. It is pertinent note that in the past, the former US presidents Bill Clinton and George Bush had landed at the Begumpet Airport. The US security officials gone through the routes to the HICC from Begumpet and inspected the security arrangements being made in the city.

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