Is The JD(S)-Congress Alliance Facing Yet Another Crisis?

The HD Kumaraswamy government in Karnataka is certainly not having peaceful days. Time and again the vulnerability of the makeshift government has been exposed. This time around, a new development has created further tensions within the alliance.

There is a media update that several Congress MLAs have left for Mumbai amid speculation. These MLAs are the ones who had previously rebelled against the party.Interestingly, the number isn’t a single digit. A dozen MLAs have been moved to a resort in Mumbai’s Juhu. It is true that there is an official confirmation of this. Side by side, the names of the MLAs are yet to be disclosed.

No doubt, the rebel MLAs are definitely looking to change their loyalty towards the saffron outfit, forming a new government.There is ample confusion regarding Hosakote MLA M T B Nagaraj and Chikkaballapur MLA K Sudhakar, both Congress leaders and MLA H Nagesh (an independent MLA in support of the Congress party) who have left for Chennai.

Whether these MLAs are going to Mumbai or not is indeed a tough question to answer. As per the number game, the JD(S) – Congress alliance has 117 MLAs whereas BJP on its own has got 104 MLAs.There is indeed fear of poaching in the coalition right from the day opposition alliance formed the government.

There is no denying the fact that if BJP forms the government in Karnataka, it would be an amazing turnaround Although the top brass leaders agreed upon JD (S) – Congress alliance, still, sections of both the parties are not in favour of the coalition.BJP this time around is careful that the party doesn’t get engaged in horse trading. No doubt, the HD Kumaraswamy government is facing yet another crisis and only time will tell whether it would be possible for the coalition to continue in the days to come.

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