Hyderabad’s traffic cop goes the extra mile

Hyderabad: While everybody was fighting the tough weather in the city to reach their workplaces, LB Nagar Traffic Inspector A Nagamallu was filling potholes at the LB Nagar junction to make their travel easier.

“Our Commissioner of Police Mahesh M Bhagwat has made it very clear that we being traffic inspectors, we are 24×7 on the roads for the people. If anything happens on the roads, we should be the first one to respond. I am just following the orders of my Commissioner and my seniors,” he said.

The Inspector borrowed concrete mixture from a construction site in the area, and along with his traffic team filled up all potholes within less than an hour.

“LB Nagar crossroads connect the city to Chhattisgarh, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and Karnataka. Therefore, it is more important that we ensure that those coming from those places think good about our State,” he added.

There were many who were finding it difficult to drive on the road and a few of them did skid while trying to slow down, which could have resulted in mishaps, he said.
Meanwhile, Commissioner Bhagwat took to Twitter to laud the efforts of the cop and said he, along with his team, would ensure that every possible effort was made for the well being of the people in the area.

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