Donald Trump Invited By India To Be Chief Guest At Republic Day Parade

Indo-US ties are expected to reach a new level altogether as India has officially invited US President Donald Trump to be Chief Guest at next year’s Republic Day Parade.

No doubt, if US accepts the proposal, it will be yet another huge leap for Indian diplomats and can be considered as foreign policy coup.

As of now, the Indian officials are eagerly awaiting an official response from the US government. There are indications to believe that the Donald Trump government is favorably considering the invite sent by India.

There have been several rounds of diplomatic engagement over the issue since the invitation has been sent in the month of April this year.

If Donald Trump agrees to attend the Republic Day Parade as Chief Guest, it would indeed be historic. Although his predecessor Barack Obama was Narendra Modi’s first Republic Day Chief Guest in 2015.

But Donald Trump’s presence will definitely have more significance considering the present world order. Two US Presidents coming as Chief Guests within a span of 4 years time – is after all a huge diplomatic achievement.

Credit goes to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his proactive approach in diplomatic ties as far as international relations are concerned.

In the Narendra Modi era, apart from Barack Obama, French President Francois Hollande, Abu Dhabi Crown Prince, and 10 Asian leaders have been chief guests in Republic Day Parade over the years.

There is no denying the fact that Donald Trump’s presence will help to ease up several issues. First and foremost, there has been the difference in opinion between India and US on trade tariffs and India’s historic relation with Iran – Trump’s arrival may help to ease the scenario.

Side by side, it may also indicate that India is in Donald Trump’s priority list, which can be a blessing in an era of complicated understanding of international relations.

And lastly, Narendra Modi is trying his best to end his term in a high and this may be an icing on the cake, considering India’s position in the global front.

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