Cricket on a tricky wicket in Hyderabad

The ongoing tussle between the two warring groups in Hyderabad Cricket Association (HCA) is heading towards yet another ugly confrontation where, for the first time, the players’ careers will be at stake.

Even as secretary T Shesh Narayan announced that the one-day senior zonal championship will be begin from Tuesday, the in-charge president Anil Kumar termed the tournament as an unauthorised one.CEO Panduranga Murthy, in a press release, said as per the schedule, the three-day league matches will continue from Tuesday. The release added: “Please note that, meanwhile, if any zonal tournaments are conducted other than what HCA intends to notify, the same shall be treated as unauthorised and HCA will have nothing to do with them.’’

Anil Kumar questioned the Shesh Narayan’s decision to conduct the zonal now. “The three-day and other league matches have just started, what is the necessity to have the zonals now? More importantly, the zonals has no sanction from Apex Council. It was an arbitrary decision of the secretary. We will be conducting the zonals after the completion of the league matches,’’ he said, adding “Shesh Narayan has been suspended by the Apex Council.  He has no authority to conduct or enter the HCA office as secretary.’’

But Shesh Narayan contended that he too has got the approval of the Apex Council to conduct the zonals. “As per the players suggestion we have RA Swaroop and Vidya Yadav as their representatives in the Apex Council. How can the in-charge president go against the decision of big players such as Azharuddin, Laxman and other players? Indrasekhar Reddy and Subhadra Suri have no right to stay in the Apex Council as players’ representatives,’’ he said.

As a secretary, Shesh Narayan said he has the moral obligation to conduct the local matches. But the present imbroglio has left the players and officials confused and shattered. They are at their wit’s end. A sense of insecurity has been prevailing among the players and officials. The umpires are at a loss, whether to officiate in zonals or the three-day league matches. Even the ground staff at some venues are bewildered. For instance, at DMRC ground, both zonals and the three-day league are scheduled to be played on Tuesday. Most of the players, who have been in different zonal teams, have got messages that they should not play any of these matches. Some of the players from the Institutions, who play in the three-day league and also selected in the zonal teams, are in a dilemma. “What should we do now? I don’t have any clue where to play and these officials are playing with our careers,” said an angry player.

The new dirty crisis has hit a nadir where for the first time even the local matches are in danger of being affected. “All these years, they were fighting in their rooms, but it has now come out on to the grounds. It is killing the careers of the players. It is insane and I’m surprised why the BCCI is still keeping quiet? The best way is to dissolve the body and let an ad-hoc committee take over the association. Only God can save the association,’’ said a former player.

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