Contest Between A Decisive, Visionary PM – Modiji Versus Several PM Applicants

The forthcoming parliament election in 2019 is quite curious in many ways. A headless roach is going to fight against a clean, clear, decisive, honest, committed Prime Minister of India – Modiji.

Scientifically it has been proved that a roach can survive for several hours to days without head and it dies mostly due to starvation as it need mouth parts that are attached in the head to eat its food. Seeing a live roach without head is quite curious and everyone would like to see such wonder.The gang-up of several opposition parties to defeat Modiji in 2019 with a clear understanding that they would not project any leader as their Prime Ministerial face prima facie looks like nothing but a surviving roach without head.The reason for the opposition parties not to project a Prime Minster face is justifiable as several PM applicants are there in the gang. Congress after knowing fully well about the entertaining ability of its leader, does not want to challenge the ever-growing charisma and leadership ability Modiji through projecting the world’s greatest entertainer as its PM face.

How should people view the political chemistry of the united opposition that wants to defeat Modiji for the simple reason that Modiji is focusing on eliminating corruption, development of India and Sab Ka Vikas?It is like people who come for an interview in a reputed MNC. Many qualified candidates are usually called for interview by several mega organizations. The job aspirants would sit in the visitors’ room anxiously waiting for their turn. It is natural that people do chat with other to know about from where they had their education, do they have experience, where they worked earlier etc.

Although they show friendly gesture with everyone but no one really wish the other candidate to be selected except them. It is quite natural that everyone would wish they alone should be selected and not the other because if the other candidate is elected, their chance may go bleak.The 2019 election is going to be like an interview in a MNC. Only difference is that instead of candidates looking for job, it is several PM applicants who are contesting against the most eligible, efficient, proven, qualified and well-suited leader – Narendra Modi. The interesting fact is that the interview committee that is going to select (elect) the PM in democracy is people. People have already chosen Modiji purely based on merit. But still the PM applicants from opposition parties want to try their luck. The hidden truth is that no PM candidate wants the other PM candidate to win but they collectively claim that they are together and united.

The big question is how several PM candidates attending interview for own selection can offer best government to India? How people of India can believe the gang or congregation of several fringe parties as ideologically cohesive force going to work for the cause of India? Won’t the PM candidates if they win use the opportunity to fulfil their Prime Ministerial ambition than doing anything to India?One thing is common among all the PM candidates and that is everyone wants to become PM. Another shocking fact is that most of the second and third line leaders in the party of all PM candidates also are preparing their application for the post of PM?Are we electing a government to govern the county or are we going to use our most valuable and precious franchise to fulfil the PM ambition of several greedy politicians?

Modiji has launched the India towards the path of development. India is marching ahead with flying colours. However several development initiatives of Modiji are in fledgling stage and need the care and mentoring of Modiji. If we give the power to all those PM candidates, they would destroy the country to fulfil own selfish ambition of becoming Prime Minister of India.

India needs a decisive, clear, honest, committed, passionate Prime Minister and not PM applicants. India needs a dedicated PM – Modiji and not those who would dedicate their life to fulfil their ambition of becoming Prime Minister of India. India need a Prime Minster who would work for the development of the country and not for own family or dynasty or towards own PM ambition.

People of India are quite wise and matured and it appears that they have made their choice clear. India is in urgent need of Modiji to develop the country and achieve Sab Ka Vikas. We need development not destruction and we need merit and not dynasty.

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