Check-Out What Pakistan’s Imran Khan Says About India …?

It is known that Pakistan’s former Cricketer Imran Khan got the majority in recent Pakistan’s General Elections 2018. He is more likely to be the next PM of Pakistan and he addressed the media yesterday over his success.Talking about India he says, he grew up hating India, due to the violence and bloodshed it caused at the partition.

He also said that he was disappointed with the Indian media that showcased him like a Bollywood Villain. Though I have widely traveled India to play the cricket, I would still want to seek good relations with India and we to need have a good dialogue to sort out the major issue of Kashmir valley dispute.

There are two major things that we need to sort-out, immediately 1. We see Kashmir and 2. India sees Baluchistan.If India takes one step to stop this blame game, I will take two steps to put it to an end, reports Reuters.

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