Check-Out The Latest YouTube Updates And Its Half-Yearly Stats!

As per the latest YouTube statistics disclosed by its CEO Susan Wojcicki, over 1.9 Billion users are signing into YouTube every month and watches over 180 Million hours of content, connecting to their TV Screens via YouTube.

The YouTube CEO also says, the overall Interactions on YouTube in terms of likes, shares and comments had grown by 60 times compared to the previous year.

More creators are building their businesses with the global audience by placing their phone number to their account with its Internet connection.We answered more than 600% of tweets through Twitter handles such as @Youtube @YTcreators and @TEamYoutube.

We have created a new dashboard for all small time English content creators and it will soon be available for around 76 languages in the next few weeks.

It is said that daily around 60 Million users log into YouTube and click on its subscribed/community posts.
With the new live streaming option, the no. of content creators has grown by at least 10 times over the past few years.

With the increase in usage of smartphones and other electronic gadgets more than 80 percent of internet users are accessing to YouTube, in all age groups said Google India on 20/07/2018.

Speaking about the Indian YouTube monthly stats, the CEO says the Indian viewers have crossed more than 225 Million, which is 80% of the internet population.The recently launched ‘Copyright Match Tool’ – that tracks that all duplicate uploaders content of original uploaders will be a boon to the aspiring original content creators. From now on YouTube will scan every video clip/ footage that gets uploaded onto the YouTube.

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