BJP President Amit Shah Lashes Out At West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee That Has Stunned The TMC

BJP President Amit Shah Lashes Out At West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee That Has Stunned The TMC: The political atmosphere is definitely not at all in favour of the ruling TMC. The party in spite of winning Panchayat Elections with such huge margin doesn’t look to be in great shape especially in face of stiff opposition from BJP. The recent visit of BJP Chief Amit Shah has sparked a new debate.

While addressing a crowd in Purulia his words of caution to TMC were loud and clear. Especially, few BJP workers were allegedly hanged to death by the TMC members. On May 31 and June 2, Trilochan Mahato and Dulal Kumar, two BJP supporters were victims of TMC’s offensive approach in the state after an average performance in Panchayat Polls in the district.

Amit Shah looked well prepared in his speech. He didn’t miss to attack both the Congress and the TMC government in the state. He remarked,”Under the UPA government, the 13th Finance Commission gave West Bengal only Rs 132000 crore to West Bengal while in the 14th Finance Commission, the BJP led government gave Rs 360000 crore for the development of the state.

“He also reminded TMC that their days were numbered in the state. In his own words,”If Trinamool Congress thinks that through violence they can continue to remain in power Bengal, then I would like to challenge them that the sacrifice of our workers will not go in vain and their govt will not last long.”

There is no denying the fact that TMC has the upper hand in the state but BJP is strongly coming up as strong opposition in the rural belt too. Both CPM and Congress have witnessed a sharp decline in vote percentage and BJP’s target of 22 seats in West Bengal in Lok Sabha Election scheduled next year, doesn’t seem to be improbable.

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