Apex Court Orders States To Get The Mandatory Nod From UPSC Before Appointing DGPs

The Supreme Court by its order has restrained the state governments from appointing Director General of Police without the mandatory approval from Union Public Service Commission.

The State Government concerned has been directed to send the names of the probable candidates, a good three months before the incumbent DGP is to retire. The UPSC after thorough scrutiny would send it back to the states, recommending three names.

The state, in turn, shall immediately appoint one of the persons shortlisted by the commission.

A bench led by Chief Justice Dipak Mishra passed the directions on an application by the Centre for modifications of a September 2006 judgment on a petition filed by DGPs Prakash, and N. K. S. Singh for reforms in the police forces.

The court stricture is largely seen as the measure to ensure that state governments do not exercise unwarranted influence or pressure on
the police.

Poor compliance of Court orders and distortions were brought to the notice fo the court and the Home Ministry also complained that majority of states did not comply with the 2006 court order in which seven directives were given for the appointment of DGPs in the states.

A case was made out that political masters wanted their own DGPs to implement their agenda.

“Distortion and aberrations had crept in the procedures regarding the appointment of DGPs with the connivance of the bureaucracy. This has to stop” the petitioner has contented.

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