Amazing: 42000 Years Old Frozen Worms Came Back To Life

A recent research study in Siberia says the microscopic worms that were in an undetermined suspended state in deep freeze zones of Arctic region for Forty-two thousand years, came back to life after getting defrosted.

It was published in the Doklady Biological Journal, that says ‘The tiny worms known as Nematodes of 1 mm in length have come back to life after getting defrost for few days’, these worms were in a long period of permafrost in the Arctic region.

The researchers have found the first evidence of that multicellular organism through the collected sample from the dead fossil squirrel across Alazeya River of Yakutia, Russia is said to be around 32000 years old.

Another sample collected from Kolyma river in Siberia is of 42000 years old, say the scientists.

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