40 MLAs Meet: Threat To JD (S)-Congress?

Coalition Government in Karnataka mayn’t last for more than six months if the recent developments are any indication. Congress Party managed to pacify it’s Senior MLAs who were denied cabinet berths. Whereas, 40 Junior MLAs have been contemplating on revolting against the leadership.

KR Puram MLA Bairathi Basavaraj informed about the meeting scheduled to happen on Monday. As many as 40 Congress MLAs are expected to attend this meeting to discuss the future course of action.

Mr.Basavaraj questioned, ‘What about us if Seniors get cabinet berths all the time? Nobody is there to speak for us. What about development of our constituencies if all portfolios were offered only Seniors’.

Congress won only 78 seats in the recent Assembly Polls. Even if 10 of them withdraw support, JD (S)-Congress Government would collapse. Can Kumaraswamy overcome this crisis?

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